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  • Where should I host my party?
    Backyards are great spaces for a Party! Gymnasiums work well too! Softer ground (grass) is always better.
  • How large of a space do I need?
    We can configure to meet the needs of almost any space, but we recommend at least a 25' x 50' space to allow ample room for play. We advise against any space that is less than 20' x 20'.
  • What surface is the best to play on?
    Grass is the best and safest play surface. We advise against less forgiving surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. Sand, dirt, or loose gravel surfaces will damage our equipment and as such, we cannot accommodate to those places.
  • What if the weather prevents me from having my party on my scheduled day?
    Action Adventure Games is not responsible for inclement weather. It is the duty of the party host (you) to plan for weather. Our gear is light water resistant, so light rain will not affect play. However, heavier conditions may require early tear down or a recess. If the weather is not too bad, we provide a free 15 minute recess (schedule permitting) and will resume play. If the weather proves to be dangerous, will last more than 15 minutes, or prove to be damaging to our equipment, we reserve the right to an early tear down, in which case the party will end immediately.
  • How do we pay for the event?
    We accept cash, or card payments. A 3.75% service charge is applied to all credit card transactions.
  • Why do I have to pay a deposit? Is it refundable if I cancel?
    Your deposit serves as your reservation of that time slot/party. It will apply to the total price once the party is finished. All deposits are nonrefundable as we are a service based company and your deposit is our commitment to the event. Cancellations after receiving deposits will not be subject to a refund.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    No. All parties must be paid in full at the start of each event.
  • Is gratuity included in the price? Do I have to tip?
    No, gratuity is not included in the price. Tipping your Party Captain is completely at your discretion, but greatly appreciated.
  • What makes your parties "unforgettable"?
    From start to finish, we focus on the most important thing, your guests! All you have to do is relax and let us do the entertaining for you. Be it a birthday or just a friendly gathering, everything we do it to create an unforgettable experience. Our instructors will always be 110% energetic and ready to lead the action! We always make sure if it is a birthday party, to put special emphasis on the guest of honor. Our specialized battlefields are lightweight, mobile, and COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE! Meaning in mere seconds, we can change the arena to a completely new set up, making every round unique. Our equipment is always properly inspected to ensure everything works properly. This means, no gun jamming and more fun! Your guests will be talking about your party forever!! We Guarantee it!
  • What if more kids show up than I reserved for, or I want more time?
    Additional players run at $40/person. If you wish to add time, we charge $75/30 minutes. We know party planning is difficult and things happen. We always bring extra equipment just in case! If you want to change things in your reservation, that's not a problem! Simply inform us of the changes at least 24 hours before your event so know how much equipment to bring!
  • Is there an age requirement?
    Only players aged 5+ can play due to safety regulations.
  • What if someone gets hurt during my event?
    We take every precaution to ensure maximum safety at our events. In the unlikely event of an injury, please refer to our liability waiver for more information.
  • If you are insured, do I still have to sign a waiver?
    Yes. Even though we are insured, we require that a liability waiver be signed prior to the start of all our events. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated. Parties that refuse to sign the waiver will be canceled and the normal refund policy shall be enforced.
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